Grade 2 to 5 Courses


Art-Mix (AMX)

When we talk about mixed media, we really mean it. With Arts-Cetera, you’ll get a different art class each day—drawing, painting, collage, sculpture and a surprise. You’ll never know what talents you have until you’ve explored all the possibilities.

Sample activities: Sculpture, watercolor painting, drawing, and collage.

Arts Mix

Anime (CAR)

A while back we thought about naming one of our camp colonies after Hayao Miyazaki, the creator of many of Japanese Anime’s classics, but decided it would be better to base a course on his works instead. We’ll check out some of his best-known stuff like “Spirited Away” and “Princess Mononoke” and while we’re at it, explore other aspects of Anime and Manga and learn to draw in the style where eyes are important but nobody seems to have a nose. Perhaps you’ll be the next Miyazaki (hey, it could happen) and the best way to find out is to give it a try.

Sample activities: Explore some of the genre’s most notable works and experiment with your own style

Chem for Kids (CHE)

Call us crazy but we believe that even kids as young as 7 or 8 should have unrestricted access to a whole variety of volatile chemicals. Well apparently, it doesn’t matter what we think because certain people (let’s call him “the Dean”) says we can’t do it. So, I guess we’ll play it safe and restrict ourselves to chemicals that DON’T go BOOM when you mix them together.

Sample activities: Paper Marbling, Fireworks in a Bottle, Milk Art

Circuitry (CIR) New!

Did you know that you can power a light bulb with a potato? Ever wonder what's actually going on when you plug in your computer? How and why electricity can travel is what this class is all about, circuitry. It's an electrifying new ride, are you ready? $25 class fee.

Sample activities: Squishy circuits, Little Bits™, Makey Makey™, Paper Circuits, and more!

Digital Photography (DPH)

A long time ago before cell phones they had these devices called “cameras” which were a lot like cell phones except they were only good for taking pictures. So we’re going back in time and teaching you something we like to call “photography” which is like taking pictures but a lot more interesting (we hope). Use a digital photography program to create strange and fantastic special effects. Limited enrollment. Cameras provided.

Sample activities: How to take good pictures, artistic photo projects, and using photo-editing software.

Digital Photography

Jr. 8-Hour Film Challenge (FIL) New!

The clock is running and you’ve got till the end of camp to cast, film, edit and market a film in time to show your piece to all of camp on Thursday Night! This fast-paced, exciting course is modeled after the "48 Hour Film Festival" and the Jr. version of our 16-Hour Film Challenge. When it gets down to the wire, see if you have what it takes to finish the film. $15 class fee.

Sample activities: Be part of a production team to direct, star, and edit a class film project.

Fan Fiction (FFN) New!

There is a whole genre of fiction based on the character and setting of previously published works. Harry Potter, Star Wars, A Series of Unfortunate Events, and Junie B. Jones to name a few have inspired writers of all ages to create their own stories borrowing from their favorite books, movies, TV shows and even video games! If you're a first time author eager to get started or a writer wanting to get beyond the basics, this class is for you. Get published to one of the many fan fiction Internet sites.

Sample activities: Read and write age-appropriate fan fiction, learn creative writing techniques, with option to upload stories to Web.

Food Chemistry (FCH)

What if you woke up tomorrow and all the fast food places were gone and you had to (shudder) cook for yourself? Could you do it or would you slowly starve? Let’s not take any chances. Sign up for this course and you’ll learn to make something good from the basic food groups including the important cookies and ice cream group. In fact you’ll never go hungry again…OK, you probably will. Let’s eat!

Sample activities: Make your own special blend of soup, ice cream, cookies, and more!

Food Chemistry

Forensics (FOR)

Even the smartest crook leaves behind clues to his or her identity, and forensic experts know how to find them. Just because you're only in elementary school doesn't mean that you can't learn some of the techniques of seasoned investigators. Fingerprints, blood, and hair and fiber analysis are all parts of any forensic kit. Let's solve a camp mystery.

Sample activities: Learn fingerprinting, footprint recovery, and observation skill games, and how to use facial recognition software.

Jedi Academy (JED)

To prepare for the challenges ahead, train you must. The Dark Side, powerful it is, so more powerful you too need be. The swamps of Dagobah, avoid you can but the secrets of the Jedi, learn you will just the same. Art leads to science. Science leads to learning. Learning leads to enlightenment. Choose the Force..

Sample activities: Make your own light saber, create your Jedi Tunic, and train under a Jedi Master

LEGO Robotics (LEG)

The way things are going, it won’t be long before we’re all living in houses and driving cars made from LEGOs. The roads will be LEGO. Maybe they’ll even invent edible LEGOs so our food can be LEGO too! But, until that day comes, our LEGOs are mostly for fun and doing our bidding BWAHAHHAHAHA! Anyway, build LEGO robots and program them to do things--like take over the world (or not). Please note: Campers do NOT take LEGO Robotics kits home at the end of camp.

Sample activities: Experiment with LEGO WeDo Robotics kits.

LEGO Robotics

Rocketry (ROK)

Space, the final frontier…OK, we're not aiming that high but some of our creations do go up a couple hundred feet. Make and launch rockets, compete in balloon races and paper airplane competitions. Look, up in the sky! It’s a bird! A plane! It's a blast! $25 class fee.

Sample activities: Build rockets from kits and launch them with various sized motors. Make paper airplanes and parachutes.

Zoom! Swoosh! Blast!