Tradition and Values

Having Fun
The All-Arts, Sciences & Technology Camp, sponsored by SERVE Inc. in association with UNCG's Division of Continual Learning, is a weeklong summer camp for children ages 7–15. Designed to give in-depth, hands-on instruction in the arts, sciences, and technology, the camp also includes recreation, citizenship, and multi-cultural entertainment. During camp, each camper attends a morning class and an afternoon class, chosen from a wide variety of course offerings that suit individual tastes and preferences. Campers are divided into two grade levels (2nd–5th, and 6th and up) for groups, activities, and academic course work. Content offered for the 2nd–5th graders is different from that of the older group. Our class size is small, and the curriculum encourages problem solving and critical thinking.

In addition to the academic course work, the campers experience dorm life on a college campus. They get to participate in a range of activities that fosters personal and social development, encourages physical activity, and offers a chance to have fun—lots and lots of fun!



Camp Colony Camp Colony
You'll form life-long bonds with the members of your camp colony!

Before the camp begins, campers are divided by age and gender into colony groups. A counselor is assigned to work with a colony throughout the week. Our colony groups are named after famous artists and scientists. By including artists and scientists in this way, campers learn about people whose contributions to art and science have made a significant impact on the world.

Firebrands and Citizenship

The All-Arts, Sciences & Technology Camp Firebrands Awards provide us with an opportunity to discuss values. By talking about a famous person and how a particular value influenced his/her life, we make the values more real for campers. Throughout the week campers and staff discuss the firebrands and perform skits in preparation for Thursday night's ceremony. At the Firebrands Ceremony, all campers are honored for achievement in a particular quality of citizenship. A plaque is presented to each camper stamped with the symbol that represents the award. Campers bring their plaques back each year as they work to receive all the brands represented by the firebrands.

Firebrand Awards

Every camper receives a Firebrand
paddle on Thursday night!
Which Firebrands will YOU receive?


Firebrand Awards

Represented by



Margaret Mead



Martin Luther King



Leonardo da Vinci



Harriet Tubman



Helen Keller



Abraham Lincoln



Charles Lindbergh






Mother Teresa



John Muir



George Washington Carver


Fun and Games

Sunday night Fun and Games
Relays and races, the perfect time to rev up with your colony!
to bond with counselors and colony!
Part of the excitement of the All-Arts, Sciences & Technology Camp centers around the lively recreation program. Each day the campers participate in an intramural program that includes relays, volleyball, soccer, tug-of-war, basketball, and other sports. Campers also have daily recreation time when they can play a variety of sports and games or rest and relax with friends.